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KR Droneworks Free Aide Memoire's

Aide Memoire's (FREE - for KRDW clients)

Free Aide Memoire's ( for KRDW clients) are to help you with flying safely. Topics include GEO Lock and Unlocking, Intelligent Flight Modes, Photography with more to come. Send an email to: kr.droneworks to get your free copy. A PDF file will be sent to you.

KR Droneworks Business Start-up Aide-Memoire description

Aide Memoire's (for a fee)

KR droneworks business start-up aide-memoire's are designed to assist companies and individuals with starting a new RPAS business or navigating Transport Canada regulations, including SFOC applications.

KR Droneworks Aide-Memoire description

Business Documents

Successful companies clearly articulate rules and guidelines that align with the corporate objectives to ensure smooth workflow and effective employee communications as a company grows. This is where a Policy and Procedures manual comes in. The Policy outlines the expectations for employee behaviors and the Procedures outline the steps for it.

Also available - Standing Operational Procedures (SOP’s) for RPAS Operations which is a detailed set of instructions to provide standardization for all phases of drone operations. The primary aim of this document is to risk mitigation and safer flight operations. Both documents can be amended to reflect your corporate identity. Format - PDF. Editable copies available for an extra fee. Email: for details. These may be required when submitting a SFOC-RPAS application to Transport Canada for approval.

KR Droneworks Checklist descriptor.

RPAS SOP Checklists

KR Droneworks RPAS SOP checklists are Air Force style field use checklists with Emergency Procedures designed to fly safer.

These are ideal for Transport Canada Advanced Certification Flight Reviews or when submitting a Transport Canada SFOC-RPAS application for approval.

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