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ABOUT KR Droneworks

In May 2022 I took an Advanced RPAS Certification course as I wanted a new, less expensive, way to continue enjoying my passion of flying. During the course I met several other former military members who also wanted to participate in this relatively new and exciting mode of flight. Many of my fellow classmates had a vision of turning their new found passion into a commercial venture. During the evolution of the course, two critical areas stood out to me.  Firstly, my new friends, who wanted to start a new drone business had little to no business experience or understanding of what they were about to get into.  Secondly, I was dismayed with how weak the available aircraft checklists were, which in my judgement, has a direct impact on aviation flight safety.


I immediately saw an opportunity to pair my 34 years of experience as a RCAF pilot and Flight Safety officer along with my own business experience to provide mentoring support and resources to simplify the process of starting a drone business and provide exceptional air force style drone aircraft operational checklists that include non-critical and critical emergency response procedures.

KR Droneworks was established in June 2013.
(KR stands for Krafty Retirement - long story)

Engineers on Solar Roof
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