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What Our Customers Say

Yes I received the documents and they are absolutely amazing. I expected high standards but these I think are flawless.

Norbert Balint

I received my DJI Mini 2 checklist - it is fabulous. I was showing it to my brother (another drone pilot and retired Air Canada pilot) your drone booklet and he was super impressed with it. I’d like to buy him one.

Rene Davis

The DJI M300 checklist has arrived, wow, amazing.

         Scott Ashby 

        Founder & Chief Pilot 
         Skylens Studios

May 7, 2023

It was a pleasure working with KR Droneworks (Bernie), who helped us with several important documents and checklists that are extremely helpful and important for drone operations. We would certainly recommend anyone that is new to the industry, or just looking to become more knowledgeable and better prepared, to reach out to KR Droneworks.

Jesse Post

Windward Drones

Agriculture Drone


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