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What You Need to Know

Canada Post is used for all shipments.

S&H charges are always extra.  Please provide your complete shipping address for estimating shipping costs.



How It Works

Contact KR Droneworks directly about returns.

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Our Policy

KR Droneworks documents are warranted to be correct.  Any errors will be corrected and amended pages provided. Ongoing document amendments due to Drone Company updates, Transport Canada or FAA changes to regulations are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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Trust Us with Your Information is owned and operated by Bernie Derbach and can be contacted at:


By using our site users agree that they consent to:

1. The conditions set out in this Privacy Policy; and

2. The collection, use and retention of the data in this Privacy Policy.

How We Use Personal Data

Data collected on our Site will only be used for the purposes specified in his Privacy Policy or indicated on the relevant pages of our Site. We will not use your data beyond what we disclose in this Privacy Policy.


Who We Share Personal Data With

Your personal data will not be shared and we will not sell your data to any third party.


Period of storage of Personal Data

Personal data is only stored as long as the data was collected for has been achieved.

Protecting Your Personal Data

We do not store any of your personal information online and the data is only accessible by the owner.

Policy Amendments

This Privacy Policy is subject to amendment in order to remain compliant with the law.  when amendments are made they will be reflected in the Policy document along with an amendment date.

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